Tired of messy music binders? Searching for the right key or losing important notes?
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is here to help you
Organize your music collection
your way
Zamar helps you store and sort your music with your way! Say goodbye to messy and cumbersome binders and hello to a lightweight, compact, and professional solution. With Zamar, you can easily categorize your music by key, artist, tag, author or any other criteria that make sense to you.
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Take Control
of Your Music
Zamar's Key Transpose Feature lets you adjust the key of your music to fit your voice or instrument. Say goodbye to messy music collections and take control of your music with Zamar.
Share music sets
with friends
With Zamar you can easily share your favorite music sets with your team. Simply create a set by grouping songs together, and then share it with others via email or social media. Whether you're planning a service, small group gathering, or just want to share your latest favorite songs of worship, Zamar makes it easy to connect and share your musical tastes with others.
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Screenshot of how zamar teaches music
Learn to play music
with Zamar
Zamar serves as your personalized practice companion, providing you with tools like a built-in metronome, tuner and chord library to help you stay organized and motivated as you progress in your worship music journey. Additionally, we create music and worship video lessons to support your ministry.


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